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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

The Port Authority of Savona, aware of its role for the safeguard of the natural environment and of  the health and safety of citizens, port users and port operators, is committed to:

  • the continuous improvement toward pollution prevention;
  • ensure the compliance with environmental regulations and standards;
  • to advance as far as possible, the application of environmental laws;
  • to exert influence in respect of port companies so that their action is in line with the environmental policy adopted by the Administration

This commitment is realized through:

  • analysis and systematic evaluation of the activities in the port area which may interfere with the proper maintenance of environmental quality;
  • sensitize operators’ awareness, thus promoting the common spirit of sharing, cooperation and guidance on environmental issues in order to pursue the goals and the solutions needed for the benefit of the whole local community;
  • adopting the soundest technologies and encouraging their use among the port community;

Within this context the following environmental objectives have been identified:

  • monitoring of the water surface to contain any pollution from oil products during unloading operations;
  • optimization of the ships and port waste collection and management system;
  • implementation of measures to promote energy efficiency and developing renewable sources;
  • improving the modal split, encouraging the use of rail transport;
  • implementation of a wind forecasting system to prevent dust leakage during dry bulk handling and to facilitate emergency management in the case of fires or toxic gas leakage.;
  • sensitization of port users on environmental issues;
  • supporting the port community to achieve environmental improvement goals, including the implementation and diffusion of environmental management systems;
  • supervision of port operations in order to avoid interferences with the maintenance of the environmental quality.
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