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The port’s highlights:

  • natural deep waters, with draught over 20 m, fitting even the newest ultra large ships
  • direct connections to Savona’s motorway entrance, within easy reach both from the port of Vado, through a 3 km extra-urban link road, and from the port of Savona, through a 4 km urban path
  • a fast road connection to Piedmont and to the other Northern Italy regions thanks to the uncongested A6 Savona-Turin motorway
  • a self-managed port railway link to the National network and two high potential Northbound railway lines
  • independently-run port shunting service and rail shuttle service to the inland intermodal terminals by means of Port Authority-owned diesel and electric engines
  • a cableway directly transporting dry bulk from the port terminal to the wide inland storage area
  • the VIO logistic centre, located right at the back of the port, and the wide areas available for the settlement of new activities
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