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Rail system

Rail system

Aiming to ensure an efficient, smooth and economic railway service, APSV has obtained the direct control of the last mile
railway system, which consists of the line linking the basins of Savona and Vado with the network (Doria Junction), including
connections with the VIO freight village and intermodal terminal, the Vado Industrial Zone Station and the connections
to the local industries.
APSV is carrying out works to improve operations on the line and is defining the actions needed to optimize the functionality of the entire rail system, to improve its efficiency and safety.
Furthermore, APSV has developed a selfmanaged rail system to link the port and the hinterland, taking advantage of the existing railway lines to Alessandria and Turin.
The port shunting and line traction service is entrusted to a private railway company which manages the 6 APSV-owned
electric locomotives.
Rail shuttle services quickly forward cargo from the port to Northern Italy intermodal centres, to be then distributed
throughout Southern Europe.


APSV - Rolling stock:

• 4 E655 electric engines
• 2 TRAXX F140DC E483 electric engines
• 6 HENSCHEL shunting engines
• 2 ZEPHIR locotractors

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