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Transport infrastructures

Transport infrastructures

The multimodal system of Savona is an important element of the Italian and European transport networks, and in particular the rail and intermodal hub of Vado Ligure is a core element of the TEN-T network and part of the Rhine-Alpine corridor.

Road and rail links from Savona to the inland markets are not congested and allow to easily reach the hinterland of Northern Italy and Southern Europe. The transport system axes of the port of Savona are:

• two Northbound railway lines (scarcely used both for freight and passengers), heading to Turin and Alessandria

• the A6 Savona-Turin, which branches off towards North-East and the Brenner Pass through the A33 Asti-Cuneo link road (now under construction)

• the railway line and the A10 motorway along the coast, towards Genoa (Eastbound) and France (Westbound)

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