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As for Savona, the Port Masterplan includes the re-organisation of the port area and the improvement of the port road access system (the first phase has already been completed in 2009, with the realisation of the new tunnel connecting the port to the town road system).

Furthermore, the Masterplan includes the enhancement of the area between the port and the town, in order to improve the integration and the sustainability of port activities and city life.

The waterfront revamping process of Savona started in 1996, when the first cruise ships began to call the port, and continued with the restyling of the “Vecchia Darsena” (the old dock) quarter.  The great success of those first operations drove the Port Authority and the Municipality of Savona to plan the reorganisation of the whole waterfront through the so-called PRUSST of Savona: a plan of public and private initiatives for a total investment of more than € 350 million, aiming at the urban and functional renovation of the area between port and city.

Immediately later, in 2003, the passenger terminal “Palacrociere” was built, in 2004 the old multi-storey carpark was demolished and replaced by the commercial and hotel centre “La Torre”, in 2008 the third cruise berth (Terzo Accosto) was built, while in 2010, on the ashes of the old warehouses of the former “Italsider” industrial plant, the “Crescent” residential centre was inaugurated.

Today, Savona’s waterfront reorganisation is following the work-program scheduled by the memories of understanding signed by Municipality and Port Authority for the realisation of the “Urban Integrated Projects”. The plan includes: the restyling of the former-Italsider area beside the Priamar fortress, the upgrading of the nearby beach and of the Prolungamento gardens and the construction of a new pedestrian bridge across the Vecchia Darsena.

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